IX Congreso de Historia Ferroviaria

Mataró, 25-26-27 de octubre de 2023
IXth Railway History Conference,
Mataró, 25 – 27 October 2023.

In 2023, the 175th anniversary of the first railway of the Iberian Peninsula, between Barcelona and Mataró, will be celebrated. Considering the importance of the date and the historical relevance of Catalunya and Catalonian historiography, ASIHF has decided to organise its 9th Conference in Mataró between 25 and 27 october 2023.

The goal of the conference is to continue to develop the historical knowledge about railways, with a particular emphasis given to the case of Catalunya.

ASIHF opens a call for its associates and for the community of researchers to propose themes, sessions, or panels they consider convenient to debate in the Conference. Proposals must be submitted by two or three coordinators, preferably of two or more nationalities, before june 30th 2022.

As soon as they are analysed, the Council of Government of the Association will decide upon its acceptance. After that, a call for papers will be announced.

Proposals must be sent to the following address: secretario@asihf.org

See: http://www.asihf.org

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